Current Series of Work

Danielle Jordaan explores the familiarity of the interior space and its objects through the process of painting, glass fusing and engraving.

 Her oil paintings renders fragments of transitory moments in time and memory. She is primarily concerned with the influences of light and color in her work and as she is influenced by the impression a painting can capture compared to the reality of what we see and our interpretation of our immediate surroundings.

Her work can be said to live between the worlds of contemporary realism and conceptual work. In her style and approach she aims to find a sweet spot in between work being visually representative and also thoughtful and meaningful.  In her latest body of work,
Danielle repeats the theme of the domestic interior and explores the duality of the inside and outside world. Her oil and fused glass paintings reiterates the feeling of home and refuge as she aims  to make the viewer rethink what goes on behind the closed doors of  domestic homes.

 The polarity lies in the interpretation that home can either be a place of refuge or a prison.  The walls that surrounds a dwelling divides, hides and shields the outside world from looking in.
She invites the viewer to gaze upon the paintings of dwelling places and at the same time she points out that the place of protection can easily become the place one can be most at risk.

The poem Mending Wall by Robert Frost serves as the engraved glasses through which viewers are invited to do introspection while gazing out.
The question of perspective is implied as the viewer is invited to gaze upon intimate dwelling spaces and timeless fragments of family portraits.

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